Meet Carolyn Halliday

Carolyn Halliday grew up visiting her grandma at 46th & Colfax. She fell in love with this area of Minneapolis so much that she moved to Lynnhurst with her husband and son in 1989.

After a career as a psychologist, Carolyn is now retired and devoting more of her time pursuing her artistic endeavors. She got her start by learning how to spin fibers while living in Portland, Oregon. At the time, the Parks & Recreation department had looms for weaving classes. Fast forward a few years and you’ll now find her artwork in local and national museums.

You could say that Lynnhurst is her muse. She takes daily walks as part of her creative process and meditative practice. While walking through the neighborhood, she takes photos of patterns and textures that pull her in. She likes details of nature and “blobs of human influence” like graffiti and scrap construction material. She also collects discarded items by humans and nature to be used in her artwork like in the piece titled “A Kind of Diary of 2011 (stuff I picked up on my daily walks).” On a couple of occasions, she has placed her artwork back into nature to delight passersby. Follow Carolyn’s discoveries on Instagram at 

Carolyn loves living in close proximity to a library, liquor store, grocery store, and pharmacy. She appreciates that she has progressive, intellectually curious neighbors who are active and value and care for the parks system. If granted three wishes for Lynnhurst, she would want a flower shop, art gallery featuring local artists, and creative, socially responsible small businesses.