Get to Know Seven Sundays

Have you ever driven by and wondered what business moved in to the former Uncommon Gardens building on 58th and Lyndale? The building is owned by Kitchen Space, a commercial kitchen with four dedicated work spaces rented out to food entrepreneurs who make everything from chocolate to ghee and offer various cooking classes and private events ( The upstairs became the headquarters for Seven Sundays, a business owned by Lynnhurst residents Hannah and Brady Barnstable. 

Hannah and Brady are originally from the Midwest, but lived in New York City at the time they discovered muesli on their honeymoon to New Zealand. When they returned home, Hannah wanted to “start something with a purpose,” and sought to replicate the recipe for the muesli they now loved. In 2010, the Barnstables moved to Minneapolis where Hannah’s brother lives and fell in love with the city. Hannah hit the farmer’s market scene in 2011 when she sold her first bag of muesli at the Midtown Global Market. In the beginning, she made her muesli in a friend’s restaurant kitchen and commuted around with her products on a bike with a trailer. Now, in addition to the business office, they use one of the kitchens on the ground floor for research and development as they continue to expand their products.

Seven Sundays muesli is sold at most of the local grocery stores as well as national chains like Cub, Hy-Vee and Costco and on-line. Muesli is made with all natural ingredients such as sustainable whole grains, super seeds and freeze dried fruits. Gluten free, paleo/grain free, no sugar added and vegan options are also available. The company’s mission is to improve the U.S. food system, working with farmers and suppliers to bring healthy, sustainable ingredients to the retail market. 

Like other environmentally conscious companies such as Patagonia and Peace Coffee, Seven Sundays is certified as a B Corporation, which means that it must “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” B Corporations use profits and growth to create a positive impact for their employees, communities and the environment. The name of the business reflects this mission. It is borrowed from Henry David Thoreau, who wrote that Sundays are days to “front only the essential facts of life.”  Hannah and Brady believe Sundays are days to be intentional about living simply and taking time for family. Seven Sundays seeks to apply that frame of mind every day.

Hannah and Brady have three children and describe themselves as “die hard fans” of Minneapolis. They love the people and natural amenities in the neighborhood and spend their free time outdoors running and biking. Check out their website at for information about their products.