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SHIFT2Energy – Great resource for researching and buying an electric car 

Are you considering making the jump from your internal combustion engine (ICE) to an electric vehicle? MNEVBuyer.com is where you can start. It is a crash course in all things electric vehicles. Created and maintained by Jukka Kukkonen (engineer, consumer educator, climate advocate, university instructor), this former ICE engineer is paving the way for us consumers to enter what he has dubbed the EV decade. MNEVBuyer.com is sponsored by St. Paul-based clean energy advocacy organization Fresh Energy. 

MNEVBuyer.com is both primer to the EV world and in-depth research tool on the decisions new EV buyers face. From basic questions to detailed concerns, this part buyer guide and part consumer education site takes on consideration of vehicle range and maintenance, charging plan specifics down to working with your utility company 

If you have made the switch to electric, you may already know Jukka and the the Minnesota Electric Vehicle Club (MN EV Club).  If not, check it out at shift2electric.com/evowners. With the motto “Meet, Learn, Educate,” club members gather monthly for topic-specific discussions, often with guest speakers. The Club educates about EV ownership by talking with visitors at promotional EV events.