Native plant restoration at Lake Harriet

Protect our Naturalized Areas

Minnehaha Creek and Lake Harriet are gems in the Lynnhurst neighborhood. Under a MPRB stewardship agreement, volunteers are diligently working to remove invasive plant species from parkland and re-establish native plants. This supports pollinators (hello bees!) and other insects which then supports birds and animals. All this and it protects water quality as well!

It takes all of us.

As volunteers survey nearly every inch of Lynnhurst parkland, items that are not naturally occuring are observed.

Some examples: 

  • piles of dirt, leaves and other yard waste (ie large tree branches)
  • Christmas trees
  • trash
  • pet waste

Please respect our parkland by utilizing sanitation and yard waste services from the city. You will avoid a fine (yes, dumping is illegal) and earn the gratitude from those who love our parks. If you see dumping, call 311. Do you use contractors? Property owners are still responsible for proper waste disposal.

One more big benefit of using city disposal services is avoiding inadvertent spread of invasive plants. Yard waste could reintroduce invasives that inhibit restoration efforts. And have you heard of jumping worms? Nasty.

Non-native invasive plants being removed in Lynnhurst include: Buckthorn, garlic mustard, creeping bell flower, motherwort, Siberian squill, purple loosestrife, winged burning bush, Siberian elm, Canada thistle, white mulberry, reed canary grass, and 4 types of non-native bush honeysuckle

Questions or want to volunteer? Contact Lynnhurst Environmental Committee at

Annual Buckthorn Bust
November 5th at 9:30 AM
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