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What We Do

The Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association (LYNAS) is an all-volunteer group, formed to facilitate neighborhood communication, build community, drive neighborhood improvements, and represent the neighborhood with the goal of making Lynnhurst the best neighborhood possible.


Foster a strong sense of community for all within Lynnhurst, contributing to a stronger Minneapolis.


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Our Community Engagement committee promotes community unity to preserve and improve the fine quality of life in Lynnhurst. This committee works to provide opportunities for residents to gather, get to know one another and build community spirit.

Along with our annual events — Summer Festival at Lynnhurst Park and our Annual Meeting — we host gatherings throughout the year for neighbors to meet, learn, and share. Event information is always available through our calendar, Facebook page, email news and Nextdoor Lynnhurst.

LYNAS believes that maintaining viable and attractive small businesses in the neighborhood is an important piece of our quality of life. Examples of the activities this committee coordinates include arranging forums for exchanges with the community on zoning and development issues and offering businesses matching grants to perform exterior upgrades to their properties — well-maintained exteriors can contribute to the neighborhood’s overall image.

We also encourage neighborhood event sponsorships to give businesses exposure, and publish local business profiles in our newsletter. The committee continues to seek ways LYNAS can support our business community and would welcome a business representative on it.

The Communications Committee is focused on providing information to and engagement with the residents of Lynnhurst neighborhood. We do this by written and electronic media such as our newsletter, website, and social media. We strive to provide current news and information, but to also receive feedback and answer questions. We work to create a sense of community by welcoming new neighbors with a small gift.

Our goal is to have a neighborhood where people feel safe. This committee coordinates with our Crime Prevention Specialist and other 5th Precinct representatives to provide the neighborhood with information and suggestions for improving the safety and security of our community.

Current and past focus areas include making improvements to lighting in strategic areas, assisting residents on how to improve personal and home safety and keeping everyone in the neighborhood aware of potentially unsafe situations.

Compared to other areas of the city, we’ve really got it pretty good here in Lynnhurst, but there is always room for improvement.

Our Lynnhurst Environment Committee (LEC) promotes the beautiful natural environment that defines Lynnhurst’s boundaries. This committee meets once a month to discuss environmental concerns and plan actions to improve the quality and sustainability of the neighborhood’s natural environment.

Some of the many efforts the committee undertakes on our behalf include the annual creek cleanup on Earth Day, an annual Buckthorn Bust, environment themed forums, zero waste efforts, neighborhood events, and most recently the Association’s Blooming Alleys pilot project.

Visit the LEC page/blog for more information.

The Housing Committee identifies and implements investments of funds for the purpose of housing-related projects. This has included a low-interest home improvement program for Lynnhurst residents in the past and currently includes a loan to Propel Nonprofits for an affordable housing project outside of the neighborhood. We will continue to assess housing investment opportunities within and external to Lynnhurst.

The Infrastructure Committee addresses neighborhood concerns and improvements related to our parks, other recreational areas, roadways, transportation modes including bicycles and pedestrians, and Lake Harriet and Minnehaha Creek.

Projects in these areas can be complex, involving various City of Minneapolis departments such as Public Works, the Park Board, Hennepin County, the Minnehaha Watershed District, and others. Coordinating with adjacent neighborhoods sharing our roads and other resources can be a key part of activities in these areas.

The Zoning committee assists the neighborhood by providing feedback on requested residential building variances based on a series of criteria as well as neighbor feedback. 

The mission of the Zoning committee is to help homeowners navigate the variance process as they improve their homes while preserving the unique character and appeal of Lynnhurst. 

We work with the homeowner, contractors, neighbors and the city to make sure everyone is heard and to help ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

Get Involved

6:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at Lynnhurst Community Center, 1345 West Minnehaha Parkway

Give your input on neighborhood issues or volunteer your time to help protect Lynnhurst’s assets. Get to know your neighbors, enjoy our neighborhood, and help improve our great quality of life. There’s an opportunity for every level of commitment and we want to hear from you.

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Board Members

Beth Ashbrook
Beth Ashbrook

Beth and her husband have resided and raised their children in Lynnhurst for the past 25 years. They are active members of Mt Olivet church and their kids participated in many activities and sports associated with Lynnhurst & Minneapolis Parks & Recreation. Beth and her family enjoy biking and walking the trails year round and paddling the creek through Lynnhurst.  Beth loves living in Lynnhurst because of the natural beauty and our caring neighbors who also value green space. Beth is interested in improving public safety in Lynnhurst and helping maintain and protect some of its most treasured assets: Minnehaha Creek, Lake Harriet, and Lynnhurst Park. Beth has 20+ years of organizational change management & communications consulting for large corporations.

You may reach Beth at beth.ashbrook@lynnhurst.org

Paul Daggett
Paul Daggett

Paul has lived in Minneapolis since 1990 where he has worked as an attorney, financial advisor and investment newsletter editor. Paul has lived with his wife, Susan, and their two children in the Lynnhurst neighborhood since 2008. The children attended Burroughs, Justice Page and Washburn and the family loves the neighborhood. Paul enjoys biking and walking their two Samoyeds along the creek and around the lakes. Paul, who enjoys planting native plants in his yard, hopes to focus on environmental, city planning and housing issues in Lynnhurst.

You may reach Paul at paul.daggett@lynnhurst.org.

Don LaMagdeleine
Don LaMagdeleine

Don has lived in Lynnhurst for 30 years. He and his wife Kris love the area for its easy access to nature as well as its numerous restaurants and shops, many of which serve as focal points for a good walk. Besides walking he putters around an old house, runs a book club, reviews dissertations and article manuscripts, and periodically co-grandparents 11 little kids (but seldom all at once). Originally from northern Illinois, Don is a sociologist who taught social research/theory and leadership for 35 years in the Twin Cities. During that period he also served as a research officer and department chair for over 10 years.

Don is interested in helping with LYNAS web and email presence and exploring ways in which area neighbors can build community during the Covid era.

You may reach Don at don.lamagdeleine@lynnhurst.org.

Linda McConley
Linda McConley

Linda and her husband, Steve, have lived in Lynnhurst since 2001. Their three kids attended Burroughs, Justice Page, and now Washburn. She's held a variety of local volunteer positions for her kids’ schools, sports clubs, and other activities.

Linda spent much of her career in corporate communications before starting a website design/development business in 2016. Prior to joining the Lynnhurst Board, she worked with the Communications Committee to create the new Lynnhurst website. She’s excited to be an official member of the group and is looking forward to helping share Lynnhurst’s story.

Linda enjoys gardening, and walking and biking with family and friends through our amazing neighborhood and city.

You may reach Linda at linda.mcconley@lynnhurst.org.

Peter Nussbaum
Peter Nussbaum

Peter is a retired electronics engineer who has lived in Lynnhurst for 42 years. He joined the LYNAS Board for the second time ten years ago, having previously served on the Board in the 1990’s, and was elected board president in 2019.  Peter has been involved with a number of neighborhood projects with LYNAS, including lead roles in writing and implementing the Neighborhood Revitalization Program plans for Lynnhurst and working with the city to redesign the lanes on West 50th St. for saner traffic flow.  More recently, he helped formulate the neighborhood’s response to the Minneapolis 2040 and Neighborhoods 2020 plans in addition to volunteering for many of the neighborhood engagement and environmental committee events. 

You may reach Peter at peter.nussbaum@lynnhurst.org.

Michael O'Brien 2021
Mike O'Brien

A Lynnhurst resident since 1996, Mike has been involved with the board in some capacity since shortly after purchasing his home. He’s been the Zoning Chair since 1998 and a board member since 2002. Mike and his wife, Suzanne, have a 13-year-old daughter who attends Justice Page Middle School and enjoy Lynnhurst for its great people, beautiful homes, easy park access, unique businesses, and central location. He looks forward to continuing to serve the neighborhood and helping make it an even better place to live.

You may reach Mike at mike.obrien@lynnhurst.org.

Clare Padgett
Clare Padgett

Clare has been fortunate to live in the Lynnhurst neighborhood since 1992. She loves the beautiful, distinctive, and walkable neighborhood, with its unique and incredibly cool local restaurants and businesses. Clare is an advocate for hamlet designs for smart growth of cities, providing for basic needs and services in close proximity when possible, while preserving open space, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas. Clare’s children are currently attending Justice Page and Washburn, each having started at Burroughs for school and at Minneapolis Kids for before/ after school care. She is an advocate of strong public schools and transportation and would work to identify solutions to meet transportation needs while protecting the environment. She lives near Newton Hill, so is close to the stunning creek and lake, and enjoys spending time near both throughout the year. Clare has coached soccer through Lynnhurst Park, has volunteered at schools, and is currently her college class alumni president. Clare feels the Lynnhurst neighborhood is really special, and means so much to her and her family.

You may reach Clare at clare.padgett@lynnhurst.org.

Steve Prentice
Steve Prentice

Steve has been an enthusiastic Lynnhurst resident for 19 years.  He absolutely loves the neighborhood!   The parks, the creek, the lakes, the architecture, the public schools, the boulevard sidewalks…the list goes on.  This appreciation has only grown as he now walks around the neighborhood daily with Scout, his family’s Australian Shepherd.  Steve and his wife, Ann, also have two children, a daughter, Matilda, who attends Washburn High School, and a son, Oliver, at Justice Page Middle School.  Steve has worked for Target for the past 12 years, all in marketing.  He currently leads a team of consumer researchers.  Before Target, he worked at Fallon McElligott for almost 7 years, which is what brought him and Ann to Minneapolis from Toronto.

You may reach Steve at steve.prentice@lynnhurst.org.

Paul Ragozzino
Paul Ragozzino

Paul has lived in Lynnhurst since 2006 with his wife, Linda, who has lived here since 1989.  His kids, Brad and Lia, both graduated from Southwest High School.  Paul is employed as an architect at Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.  He joined the LYNAS Board in December 2010 and has been Vice President or President since November 2011.  Paul enjoys the parks, proximity, people and sense of place of Lynnhurst.

You may reach Paul at paul.ragozzino@lynnhurst.org.

Ellen Share
Ellen Share

Ellen was raised on 49th and Newton and just recently returned to the neighborhood after spending most of her adult life was in Pittsburgh where she raised two daughters. She wants to contribute her talents to and passion for her old/new neighborhood. She is an avid road cyclist, lake-walker, paddler and gardener. Ellen’s background is in public relations, writing and marketing, including planning and staffing scores of events, and leading small nonprofit boards and public relations committees.  Ellen would like the neighborhood association to serve as a catalyst to building a stronger sense of community, connecting neighbors old and new, young and old and from a diversity of backgrounds.

You may reach Ellen at ellen.share@lynnhurst.org.

Dyan Ventors
Dyan Venters

Dyan retired to Minneapolis in 2015 after a long career with ConAgra Foods. She and her spouse purchased a home in the Lynhurst neighborhood and plan to live here throughout retirement.

She has been involved in the community via the League of Women Voters, as Program Chair for two years. She also volunteers at Alternative School for Teen Mothers and is a member of their site council. She is an avid gardener, knitter and always welcomes an opportunity to volunteer.  Her husband, Richard, serves on the environmental committee.

She is very interested in the environment and the aesthetics of our community and maintaining a walkable community.  

You may reach Dyan at dyan.venters@lynnhurst.org


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